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Essential Tools For a Courier Driver

Posted by Gertie on 20-Jun-2016 12:27:18

GPS GPS by jay-jerry is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Hello, dears!

Well, this is it – the final stretch. Another month almost in the can! And while this time we did not have any of our usual, wonderful reader interactions, I hope I was able to make up for that with the discussion topics I chose for this more serious series of posts.

So, what better way to close out a month where we discussed things relevant to delivery drivers than by making a list of essential tools no courier driver should ever be without in his or her van? That's right – this week, we're looking at those things you absolutely should not leave home without if you make a living from courier work. Strap yourselves in (get it? I made a funny!) and here we go!

Tools of the Trade

Out of all the things a courier driver needs to have in his or her van, some are quite obvious.
• A GPS or SatNav, for example - although a good old-fashioned map never goes to waste either.
• A breakdown kit.
• An insurance certificate.

These are things any driver will tell you he (or she) has in his van, and never sets off without. But what about those other, more obscure items that you may well forget to bring with you on a longer journey? Things like a hard-hat, a torch, steel-toe boots, or even something as simple as a notepad? These are things that don't immediately pop to mind when running inventory before a trip, but which can prove quite useful while on the road.

'But Gertie,' I hear you protest, 'what do I need those for? I just go around my neighbourhood delivering parcels!' Well, what if you get stranded on a dark road at night? Wouldn't a torch be useful then? Or what if you're delivering to or near a construction site? As for notepads, what if you forget an address or need to write up a hand-written receipt for someone? Do you see why and how those may come in useful, even to someone doing the most basic type of delivery work?

So if you're a courier driver and you tend to go on longer trips quite often, make sure you have some or all of these items in your van at all times. Even if you don't, it might be a good idea to equip yourself regardless. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry!

Well, that's all from me for this month. See you shortly, for more courier-related goodness.

Until then, ta-ra!



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