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Is Being a Courier Driver For Life? Your Answers!

Posted by Gertie on 20-May-2016 16:49:05

Hello, darlings!

Well, here we are – at the end of another month already! I swear, they seem to fly by faster every time, don't they? I suppose that's what happens when we spend our time having interesting interactions and discussions about all aspects of courier and delivery work - the way we are known to do around here!

Speaking of interesting debates revolving around courier work, we've been having precisely that over the past couple of weeks – which means today, it's time for everyone's favourite kind of post, the reader answers!

Now, if you recall (and you read last week's post) this particular discussion concerned whether or not being a courier driver affected the way you did things outside of work, and in your everyday life. Some of the answers to that question are posted below.

'I think the motto 'once courier driver, always a courier driver applies to me, personally. I catch myself doing a lot of little things I picked up from working in this field – like ticking items off a list in certain situations. It's also taught me to deal with people, especially strangers, in a more courteous manner. So yes, I'd say it applies.' - Tom, Berkshire.

 'I manage to keep my work and personal life separate in terms of behaviours, but I know many who don't. A lot of my co-workers and friends who work in this field do take their work home with them. So I suppose it depends from person to person, like everything...' - Dan, Tyne and Wear

 'Being a courier driver definitely influenced certain aspects of my daily life – the skills are great for keeping things organised and organising your priorities. As a working mother of three, you need that – believe me! And in my case, I picked it up from work, for which I'm incredibly grateful.' - Natalie, Warwickshire.

 It's amazing how, each time, and regardless of subject, you lot always manage to have such different experiences and points of view – while still all working in the same professional field. It's definitely what makes these interactions so much fun!

Hopefully, we can have another one soon – for now, though, it is time to say...





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