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Odd Courier Driver Quirks – Reader Answers!

Posted by Gertie on 10-Nov-2015 11:30:55

Hello, darlings!

Well – I really shouldn't need to go into any great detail about what the content of this post is. Surely you know how the scheme of reader interaction posts on this blog of ours works by now? Unless you have only just arrived here, in which case you may be momentarily confused – but you'll work it out. If you're a regular, you'll know exactly what this post is, based on the previous entry I posted.

That's right – it's time for some reader-interaction answers!

Now, if you recall, the theme for this week's Q&A were quirks – more specifically, your quirks as a courier driver. And I don't think it will be much of a spoiler to say that I got so many amazing answers it broke my heart to have to sort through them and choose just a few. Below, however, are my favourites, chosen after an absolutely agonising selection process.

'As a courier driver, my biggest quirk is the way I stack parcels when I have several – especially if there are large-ish boxes involved. I always go all the way to the back of the van and stack them in a sort of Tetris arrangement (yes, I'm also addicted to the online game!), so that there are no gaps. It takes longer than it would otherwise, but it is a pet peeve of mine when people just throw their boxes in the back of the van with no rhyme or reason!' - Anna, Cheshire.

'My one quirk as a courier driver? For some reason, I always like to double check one more time to make sure I am on the right road and house number – even while the person is already accepting a parcel that is clearly for them! You can never be too careful, I suppose...' - Tom, Hampshire.

'I always like to have customers sign delivery receipts with my own special pen. Don't ask me why – I just do!' - Mark, Merseyside

Well, aren't you a quirky bunch!

Unfortunately, that's all the space we have for today. But don't worry – next week, there will be another post chock-full of courier driver-related goodness, as ever. After all, the greatest certainties in life are death, taxes and Gertie's Cafe blog posts!

Until then, ta-ra!


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