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Once a Courier Driver, Always a Courier Driver?

Posted by Gertie on 15-May-2016 16:43:53

Hello, my dears!

As Aunt Gertie's birthday month rolls on, I'm afraid we will be having yet another discussion regarding life after (and, to an extent, also during) courier work. I did warn you at the top of the month that posts might become a little bit topical, and I just so happen to have found another interesting angle from which to start a reader discussion.

I am sure all of you have heard some variation of the phrase 'once a ____, always a ______', have you not? It seems as though nearly every existent profession or hobby brings about a sentence of this type - usually from people within that profession or hobby, to demonstrate how much it affects them.

Well, my proposition is simple: why don't you tell me if this applies to being a courier driver, as well? In other words, is it true that 'once a courier driver, always a courier driver?'

Just like last time, I don't want to just hear from one section of my readership. I know what an amazingly varied group of people follow my blog, and I know these little posts of mine get read by men and women of all ages and persuasions. So I encourage all of you to write in and offer your perspective, so we can end up with a number of different viewpoints and takes on the same subject. They do say, after all, that variety is the spice of life – and that variety is also what makes these interactions so much fun.

So put your minds to work, draw from your own everyday experiences, and tell me – to what extent does being a courier driver affect your everyday life, and more importantly, how? Do you carry behaviours and habits from your work into your regular life? Or do you manage to keep them separate? Write in and let me know.

Until then, ta-ra.



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