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The Right Insurance for Delivery Work

Posted by Gertie on 05-Feb-2016 11:24:51

Hello, my darlings!!

Well, another holiday season came and went, and here we are in dull, rainy February. Have you noticed how nothing ever really happens in February? It's probably the least exciting month of the year. Which is why it only seems fitting that we start it with what is a somewhat serious post.

I know, I know – you're all used to every post to come out of Aunt Gertie's mind being fun and interesting. Hear me out, though, because even though we all like to have fun, we mustn't lose sight of the relevant and important things. That's why every time I see something delivery work related, which I think is worth talking about, you can bet it will show up on the blog! And today is just such a case.

You see, a few days ago I was forwarded an article by my nephew Stevie, relating to insurance for drivers doing delivery work. It happened after we were talking about a self-employed courier friend of his who went to make a claim on his insurance, only to find he had the wrong type! As soon as Stevie told me this, I knew I needed to warn you lot about it so the same wouldn't happen to any of you. So I asked him for more information, which I am about to share with all of you.

You see, when you do delivery work, it's not enough to take out the normal type of driving insurance you would normally get. Being a courier requires a special type of insurance, one that clearly states that your vehicle is being used for that purpose. If your policy doesn't include something like that somewhere in the small print, you could actually be going around uninsured while thinking you're covered! I shudder to think that even some of the smaller courier companies aren't aware of this fact – let alone you self-employed drivers out there. Aren't you lucky Aunt Gertie was here to warn you about this?

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there so nobody was caught out. So if you do delivery work for a living, remember to make sure you have the right coverage. Go on, check out your policy right now.

Now that that depressing post is out of the way, we can go back to fun ones (I hope)!

Until then, ta-ra!


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