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What Type Of Courier Driver Are You?

Posted by Gertie on 15-Apr-2016 11:02:15

Hello, my dearies!

Before I begin, let me say – for the hundredth time – how much I love having you all as readers. I don't usually have time to talk about the number of messages I get to my email week in and week out (except when I'm talking about answers to a reader interaction), so believe me when I say, it's quite a significant amount! And most of them talk about how my blog is one of their Internet 'pit stops' every week, and their favourite place to read about and discuss what it means to be a courier driver. So thank you all very, very much, and I hope I can continue being a source of enjoyment for you with my little corner of the Internet.

In the meantime, I've decided that this week's post is dedicated to all those of you who send me these types of messages, as well as to all of you who don't, but who I know are long-time readers. Consider it a way to repay you for all your kindness over the years, and for giving me the motivation to keep going.

And what is that post, you ask? Why, a reader interaction, what else! Did you really think I would repay you lot in any way, except by giving you your favourite type of post to read and participate in?

Because this week's post is a tribute to all my readers, I thought we would discuss something relating to the courier driver as a person, rather than to the business of delivery. Talking about the different aspects of one's job is all well and good, but sometimes you do need to step back and look at the people behind the vans and bicycles. We're known for doing exactly that around these parts, and today will be no different!

So for next week, I want you lot to tell me what type of courier driver you would describe yourselves as. And no, 'amazing' doesn't count – I'm looking for serious and honest opinions here! Are you the type to space (and pace) out your work so you don't have to worry too much at any point? Do you thrive under pressure? Are you a daredevil? Or does slow and steady win the race for you? Take a look inside yourself and share what you found with everyone!

(Goodness me, I sounded like a teacher just then, didn't I?)

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to your answers – I'm sure they'll be wonderful, as usual!

For now, ta-ra!



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