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Your Courier Driver Personality – Your Answers

Posted by Gertie on 20-Apr-2016 11:07:43

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Hello, darlings!

Well, we made it! Another month in the bag! Then again, it's no surprise - time does fly when you're having fun, they say, and around here, we're almost always having fun.

Let me tell you, this month was particularly enjoyable for me. I love a good reader interaction at the best of times, and this month, we had TWO – both with really interesting subjects (at least in my opinion) and excellent reader turnout! So thank you for making this old woman's month on the Internet more fun!

Speaking of reader interactions, we have one to provide answers to today, don't we? Yes indeed – as you will know if you read last week's post, today, we'll be discovering just exactly what kind of courier driver personalities my readers have.

(Not all of my readers, of course – I only have so much space! But I think I've picked out a nice comprehensive selection to post below. So read on for your answers.)

 'I'd consider myself a calm and collected courier driver. The missus says I can take pretty much anything, and I suppose she's right – at least I'm known for taking a lot of flack from customers and never saying anything! I also like to pace myself so work does not become overly stressful. So in a nutshell, yes – calm and collected.' - Rob, Derbyshire.

'I would say I'm a member of the 'slow and steady' brigade. By that I don't mean I'm lazy – just that I'd rather not take risks if I don't have to. The life of a courier driver is already challenging enough without people going out and looking for ways to potentially put themselves in danger. Plus, by pacing myself, I hardly ever have a slow day OR a stressful day!' - John, Isle of Wight

 'I'm the kind of courier driver who likes to live on the edge. You never go OVER the edge, of course, but if you go as far as you can, you'll find work gets a lot more fun! I'll leave it at that…' - Danny, Essex

 Not sure I agree with that last one, personally, young man, but there it is nonetheless.

Well, that's all for me for this month – see you all next month.

Until then, ta-ra!



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