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A Courier Job to Remember

Posted by Gertie on 28-Apr-2013 13:38:00

Hello, my dears!

I have to admit – I haven't been at my most inspired lately. It's been frantic over at the café, which is good, but when I come home afterwards, all I want is to plop down in front of the TV with a cuppa. Fortunately for me, my readers send enough interesting stories to keep this blog going, even when I have nothing interesting to say. And that's why, this time around, I'm giving one of them the limelight. Joanna is from London and wrote in to tell me about a particularly memorable courier job she was involved in. The page is yours, Jo!

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“Hi Gertie,

I have loads of fun reading your blog, and I know you encourage people to write in, so I thought I'd tell you about an amazing thing that happened to me on a courier job a while back. Hopefully, it's interesting enough to publish! :)

Anyway, first of all, a bit of context. I work for a parcel delivery company that mostly has vans, not bikes. But anyway, because we have trucks, we sometimes get heavier parcels or actual loads to deliver, which was what happened this time. We were a bit short-staffed, so as luck would have it, the job fell to me – and I can't believe I was upset about it! I mean, looking back, I shudder to imagine this job in the hands of a bloke! They would have never given it the proper importance!

Anyhow, at the beginning, this looked like just another courier job. The address was in a posh part of town, but I thought nothing of it – it happens a lot. Celebrities get packages too, you know! Except this time, when I double-checked, the address was for a recording studio. I still didn't think much of it – I took the load and went about business as usual. It wasn't until I got to the studio and asked for a Mr H. Styles that everything began to twig. The security guard said he would deliver the package to the person, but just then, guess who came out front, Gertie? HARRY STYLES! Of One Direction! Also known as one of the fittest guys in Britain!

I was fit to faint, of course (I don't care if I'm too old, One Direction are amazing), but then Harry TALKED TO ME! Sure, all he said was 'thank you', but I GOT TO TALK TO HARRY STYLES! And I didn't even try, unlike the ten million teen girls outside (I should really have twigged then, shouldn't I?) Needless to say, that was the best courier job I ever went on, and I will remember it forever!

Anyway, excuse the ramblings of a fangirl, but hopefully they're entertaining enough to publish?


They certainly are, Joanna – and they kept me from having to come up with something, and my readers from a boring post! (Err, should I admit I had to Google Harry Styles? Maybe not…)


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