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A Different Side to Courier Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 05-Aug-2015 16:31:21

Hello, my dears!

It's Gertie here, back from Spain and in a sunnier mood than ever! Unfortunately, England seems determined to not share in my disposition, as reports from friends tell me it's been raining on and off over here this entire time! If you were one of my many readers affected by this, I hope this blog post (and the others I will hopefully be able to put out during this month) will help improve your spirits!

And since it's supposedly the peak of summer – a time a lot of people choose to spend with their loved ones and families – I thought I'd make this month about something slightly different, and slightly more light-hearted, than the usual posts about courier jobs. Don't get me wrong, it still relates back to that, but in a different way than what we usually do.

'And what way is that, Gertie you old bird?' I hear you ask. Well, quite simply, I thought I'd challenge you – my wonderful readers – to share stories about what could be called the 'other side' of courier jobs. The one that often does not involve the driver themselves, but those around them - or even their customers. The one that can offer readers of this blog a different perspective on the world of motorised delivery. Sounds fancy, doesn't it?

So that is your challenge for this upcoming month of August – I want stories about courier jobs, but I don't want your stories. Or rather – I only want your stories if they aren't directly about you as a courier driver, but involve people in your family, your circle of friends, a story from your childhood that can be related back to the issue... You get the gist of it!

So there you have it, then – something to keep you entertained throughout the middle month of summer - assuming you don't have anywhere exotic or warm to go to. Is it a fan interaction? Is it a themed month? Is it both? You tell me, darlings! I can't wait to read your entries, as ever!


- Gertie

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