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What Courier Jobs Are On Your Bucket List?

Posted by Gertie on 05-Aug-2016 13:00:54

Hello, my dears!

First of all, please excuse me if I seem a little less peppy and enthusiastic this week, or indeed this month. The caf has been so busy that I find myself getting home extremely tired and in no mood to do much of anything, let alone write about courier jobs. But I am making the effort tonight because I love you all to pieces, and I know you'll be expecting a post. It's not fair to let you down just because of my own selfishness!

I'm making a concession, however: because I am tired and a little grumpy, I won't attempt to write anything even remotely approaching an original post. Instead, I am taking the lazy way out and doing a reader interaction. I am sure you lot understand, don't you?

Fear not, though; this will not just be some half-baked rush job. I like you all far too much for that! No, this week, I'm bringing up a subject I don't think we ever talked about (though it's hard to keep track after almost five years) - specifically, I want to know what courier jobs are on your 'bucket list'. That is, which jobs you want to perform before you retire from being a courier.

As ever with this type of post, almost anything is valid - but within reason. No foul language, and no vulgar examples – this is about courier jobs, not anything else. And don't try exploring any loopholes, either – that is, if you want to be published!

Bottom line, just try to have fun and give me some good material for the next post - after all, you'll be the ones reading it, heh heh.

Until then, ta-ra and don’t work too hard!


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