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I Took My Kids On Courier Jobs – John's Story

Posted by Gertie on 10-Aug-2015 16:41:41

Hello, my darlings!

Well – this is quite exciting! Do you remember how, last week, I challenged you to share stories that showed a different side of courier jobs? Well, I've already received quite a few – and may I say, you lot got the spirit of the exercise down pat!

So, without further ado, I am going to stop waffling and give the 'stage' over to John, a reader from Dorset who is a brave man – brave enough to take both his young sons along with him on his courier jobs! He wrote in to share some of the experiences they went through together, and that story is below. You have the floor, John.

'I'm a self-employed courier driver, which gives me a lot more freedom than I would have working for a proper delivery company. For example, I get to take my two boys out with me on courier jobs now and again – and it's always a highlight of their weekend or school holiday whenever I do.

Colin, who's 6, and his brother Jack, who's 4, love going out with Dad in what they call 'mail adventures' – which usually amount to going around our town or its neighbouring villages (I never take them too far out, for obvious reasons – even in a 'regular' car, you have to be extra-careful taking kids on the motorway, don't you?) A lot of the regulars I deliver to already know them, and it's always a treat for the boys to go round their houses – ours being a very small town, everyone knows one another, so biscuits or sweeties are never too far away!

Overall, while they can be rowdy and loud – they're children, after all, aren't they? - I always find taking Colin and Jack out on the road with me makes that day's courier jobs much more fun – as long as they behave, of course.'

What a great story, John – your boys sound like a hoot. Thanks for sharing!

The rest of you – keep those stories coming.


 Gertie

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