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My Nephew's New Courier Job

Posted by Gertie on 19-Nov-2012 16:00:00

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Hello, my loves!


Today, I bring you a little family story. My nephew Steven – my brother Jack's older lad – has been unemployed for a while now, poor dear, and he had been frantically looking for a job. Unfortunately, he never went to Uni, so most of the vacancies that turned up were...let's say, less than pleasant. I was absolutely blown away, then, when he walked into my cafe the other way, wearing a rather sharp uniform, and told me he had found a courier job.


As it turns out, this type of thing is brilliant for people on benefits, or who want to make some extra money. All you really need is a large-ish vehicle (or a bike), some insurance and a keen sense of direction, and you're good to go! That's exactly what Steven did – he borrowed his Dad's bike and he started taking parcels and deliveries from local courier companies. I was a bit apprehensive about this at first – bikes are so dangerous - but Steven is a sensible boy, and I know he isn't going to be speeding around like a lunatic, the way I see some lads do! I am sure he will take his courier job very seriously, and be very good at it. After all, that is where his money is coming from at the moment – and Stevie knows better than to throw away a chance like that!


More importantly, it seemed to me that he was having fun, too. He was telling me about how, since starting this courier job, he had already been to loads of places and met a few new people – there was even a girl he was telling me about... I didn't want to pry, though, so once he'd had his meal, I let him be on his way. It wasn't until after he'd gone that it struck me – I get so many delivery lads coming through here, that it is a little funny that from now on, Stevie should be one of them. Ah well – he will most likely not get special treatment!


Gertie xxx

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