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My Readers' Courier Jobs In Numbers!

Posted by Gertie on 05-Feb-2015 11:19:13

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Hello, dears!

Well! Excuse me if I don't sound quite myself today, but my head is swimming from all these numbers! Years of experience working in a cafe and tallying up sales and till totals did NOT prepare me for this, let me tell you! Then again, I suppose I set myself up for this one, didn't I, fiddling with statistics and whatnot...?

(That will be quite enough, Gertie! You've had a moan, now get to work! You have numbers to share with your readers, and they're all waiting with bated breath!)

Why yes, I suppose I do, don't I? Onwards, then!

Now, if you remember, last week I asked you – my wonderful readers – to write in and tell me what kind of courier jobs you usually did. I wanted to take all the answers, tally up the numbers for each of them, and have some fun statistics for you lot to gawk at on this week's post. And guess what? That is exactly what I did!

With Stevie helping me (one woman alone could not undertake this task, darlings, believe me) we divided all of you into categories according to all the different courier jobs you did, and then Stevie ran it all through the calculator to come up with percentages. Here's what we found.

Most of our readers (57%) have self-employed courier jobs, in what they call the 'general' sector (man-and-van operations, carrying boxes, delivering parcels, that sort of thing.) The other 43% have 'signed on', that is to say, work for large or corporate distributors.

In terms of what areas these courier jobs insert themselves in, aside from the 'general' one mentioned above, they range from working for supermarket chains like Iceland or Sainsbury's (doing home deliveries) to running orders for flower shops, to supplying corner shops and greengrocers. One of our readers is the driver for the local football club, and asked if that counts. We'll say it does, just for the sake of variety, all right, darling?

On a further interesting note, 72% of my readers are men, but there are quite a few women represented out there as well. Good to see gender equality is reaching a field traditionally dominated by men!

Well, that's it for this week. See you all next time, hopefully for something with fewer numbers. Until then, ta-ra!


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