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Safely Transporting Dangerous Goods

Posted by Gertie on 29-Oct-2012 18:12:00

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Hello my Dearies,


It has been such a busy day today with so many customers queuing up to grab one of my scrumptious bacon butties that I have hardly had a chance to take a break. So let me get off my feet for a while and tell you about some interesting information I recently found out about transporting dangerous goods on the highway. 

Not all of us are aware that dangerous items such as gas canisters or flammable liquids are regularly transported on our busy roads. Those who carry out courier jobs are responsible for ensuring that these goods arrive safely at their destination. 

If you are a driver that regularly transports dangerous items on your courier jobs, then you will be aware of the carriage of dangerous goods manual. It’s an important document with guidelines that all haulers of dangerous goods adhere to. Its purpose is not only to protect courier drivers, but also the general public that use the roads and highways. 

For those who want to work in courier jobs with dangerous goods, special training courses are available which will give you the qualification needed for this specialised sector of the haulage industry. This training also covers what to do in an accident and how to minimise the dangers that accidental spills can pose. 

I definitely feel a lot safer knowing that the laws for transporting dangerous goods are very strict and that regular inspections are carried out on the vehicles carrying these loads.


See you all soon!


Gertie xxx

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