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Strategies For Christmas Courier Work – Your Answers!

Posted by Gertie on 10-Dec-2015 11:46:42

Hello, my dears!

As the countdown to Christmas continues (both here at Gertie's Cafe and elsewhere around the world), I hope you're ready to get in a bit of a festive mood yourselves – because today, we have that perennial chestnut, a readers' answers post to a topic I've started the week before!

I Asked, You Answered

In this case, if you recall, we established the topic of conversation would be the Christmas period - considered a peak time for courier work. In that context, I wanted you lot to tell me how you go about coping with work during this period: if there are any strategies you use - either to deal with the volume of work or simply to fight stress - or if it all just comes down to organisation and planning. This is what a few of you had to say about it:

'Courier work can wear you out at the best of times, and doubly so at Christmas! Fortunately, I have something that helps me keep a cool head when work picks up - yoga! It's not just for the ladies – it hasn't been for years – and it really helps with balance and keeping a level head. I reckon more couriers should try it, especially at peak times of the year!' - Alan, Buckinghamshire

'For me, it comes down to what you mentioned in your post, Gertie – organisation. When there's an large amount of courier work to be done, the best thing (at least for me) is to open old Excel and make a timetable or schedule of what needs doing and when. That way, you keep an eye on deadlines, space out your work, and don't wear yourself thin trying to get it all done!' - Lisa, Hertfordshire

'For me, the best strategy is just to tackle it head-on, really! I've always thrived on organised chaos, so a week or three of extra-hard courier work isn't anything too scary. It may look that way from the outside, but once I find my groove, everything starts falling into place, and it all works out in the end.' - John, Staffordshire

There you go – all sorts of coping strategies for you to be inspired by. Thank you for sending these in, my dears.

As for the rest of you, as ever, ta-ra!


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