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The Perks Of Self-Employed Courier Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 16-Sep-2013 11:48:00

An instrument for happiness, apparently... 'Economy Car Delivery Van' (c) 2009 awduthie. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Hello, my darlings!

You will excuse Aunt Gertie for taking a holiday today, now won't you? It's just that with the warm weather and sunshine, I really don't have a lot of ideas for posts at the moment. Which is why I am resorting to that most honoured of filling techniques, the fan letter.

Today, I will leave you in the expert storytelling hands of Andy, from Somerset, who has written in with a story that, according to him, perfectly illustrates the perks of self-employed courier jobs. Take it away, dear.

“Hi Gertie. How's your summer going? Well, I hope. I hope you've hit the beach and worked up a tan! Me, I can't – I have to work. The good bit is, I work as a self-employed courier, and there is many a perk to self-employed courier jobs, especially during the summer. Don't believe me? Allow me to illustrate.

So the other day I get this job. Some people from my village needed something delivered to a pub a few miles away, and called on good ol' Andy for their couriering needs. So I take off around mid-morning – it's a gorgeous day, loads of sun and a soft breeze blowing. I jump in my van, roll down the window, crank up the tunes, and it's off to the races!

I'm making good time, blazing down the dual carriageway with Steppenwolf pushing me onward, so I stop at a gas pump and have an ice cream and a ciggie (not BY the petrol pump, of course- I'm not daft!) before setting back on my merry way. The cashier is well cute, too, and she gets a dose of the patented Andy charm.

Anyway, another half-hour or so and I'm at my final stop. And guess what? There doesn't seem to be a man in sight! There's just this mother and two girls in their late teens or 20's – well fit, one and all – and they seem to be in the mood for banter! I've never been one to say no to a good give-and-take, so as we unload the crates of bottles, they are introduced to the patented, one-of-a-kind Andy wits. At the end, one of the girls asks me if I come around often. For her, I just might - am I right?

So you see, Gertie, there are definitely some perks to working self-employed courier jobs! The point of this story? There isn't one – I just felt like bragging to somebody who would understand!”

Well, Andy, your story did end up having a point – it gave me an excellent post – and one I'm sure all my gentleman (ahem) readers will appreciate! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the park!



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