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The Rising Cost of Fuel Theft

Posted by Gertie on 24-Oct-2012 10:22:00

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Hello my Dearies,


I need to tell you all of a new spate of criminal activities against courier drivers that I recent read on the BBC News website. It is really hard to believe that criminals, not satisfied with just stealing cars, are now stealing the diesel fuel right out of trucks! This crime is on the increase and is costing those who carry out courier jobs hundreds of pounds in lost revenue. 

Can you imagine pulling over onto the side of the road to have a bite to eat and returning to find that your truck won’t start because some criminal has stolen your fuel? The police are trying to curb this recent rise in fuel theft and have increased patrols in areas where this is taking place. Drivers who carry out courier jobs have to take regular breaks whilst driving long distances and are in danger of being targeted by criminals whilst parked on the side of the road. 

Even though most trucks nowadays are fitted with a petrol lock or anti-siphoning device, criminals are always coming up with new methods to get around these devices. 

There is a wonderful little gadget that you can buy called a Tank Gaurd which fits over the petrol cap and sounds an alarm if thieves try to tamper with your fuel supply. It has proven to be quite effective and has helped to curb the recent rise in fuel theft. 

Hard working drivers in courier jobs have to always remain vigilant whilst stopped at the side of the road and do their best to protect their load. To help them out, we should all be on the look-out whilst on the highways and report any suspicious activity that we may see.


See you all soon!


Gertie xxx

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