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Three Vans to Trust for Courier Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 20-Nov-2017 16:04:19

Hello, all.

That's right, it's your boy Steve, flying solo once again!

I know, I know – I've been imposing on Aunt Gertie a little too much lately. I'll be the first to admit it. It's hardly my fault, though. There's been so much to discuss lately on the technical side, only someone who actually works in the field could talk about it properly.

That is the case this week, too. Not that Aunt Gertie has never discussed vans for courier jobs before, but I think you'll agree that when the guest writer of this blog is someone who actually makes a living out of delivering goods, they may be the best person to chip in on the subject, no?

At any rate, I have Aunt Gertie's permission and blessing to address the subject myself, so that is exactly what I shall do - and the way I'm going to do it is by listing three of my favourite vans available on the current market. Picking a good vehicle is always one of the trickiest parts of making a living out of courier jobs, but for my money, if you want to make sure your loads are delivered safely and in one piece to their destination every time, the three below are THE vans for the job. Feel free to disagree – but bear in mind that if you do, you're wrong! With that said, here we go!

Vauxhall Corsa Van

Vauxhall aren't known for their courier vans – that would be Ford – but their foray into the market has been pretty decent. The Corsa Van wins out over the Combo, in my opinion, because it offers a great balance between running costs and comfort – even if that means it's a little less efficient than other vans on the market. If you like comfort for cheap, and don't mind specialising in smaller courier jobs, this is the van for you.

Ford Transit Courier

It's a Ford Transit. I could leave it at that and you would know what I meant. Outside of the odd Iveco vehicle, this is THE van for courier jobs and any operator worth their salt has at least one in their fleet. I used to drive one when I was a corporate courier and I definitely drive one now that I work freelance. Great to drive, great capacity, great running costs - great everything, really.

Citroen Relay

Citroen is another brand not often associated with vans – at least not larger ones. Like Vauxhall, though, they have also thrown their hat in the ring, so to speak, with a decent little van. Or should I say, a decent BIG one, as the Relay is incredibly spacious and has a unique look that makes it stand out from any other on the road. Trust me, there's no mistaking a Relay for anything else - when you see one, you will know exactly what it is! Think of it as a reverse Vauxhall Corsa - it may not be the smoothest ride in the world, but with great running costs and that much capacity, you can be sure you'll have plenty of space in the hold for multiple courier jobs. So if you value that above all else, the Relay is the right van for you.

There you have it, then – three vans you can bank on, each in their own different way. I've told you what MY choice is, but now I want to know which you'd choose. Write in and let me know!

Until driving!

- Steve

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