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Why Training Is Important For Anyone Doing Courier Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 15-Apr-2017 17:56:09

Hello, my dears!

I'm very sorry about last week - it's been a while since I've felt I wasn't qualified to discuss something relating to courier jobs, but there you go – had to happen sometime! Who knew it would be tinted windows that got me…

Fortunately, we're back to normal this week. Aunt Gertie's back in control and talking about a subject she knows at least a little bit about – if nothing else, I understood everything I read about it!

Today we're going to be a bit boring (but helpful, so bear with me) and talk about why fleet driver training is so important for those hard working people doing courier jobs. Yes, I know, yawn, yawn – but it needs to be addressed and I thought a blog post from me about it would be (slightly) more fun than reading the same thing in a serious rambling news piece or training manual.

Really, this week's post is going to be targeting the managers out there, as opposed to the drivers. So if you're reading this and you own a courier firm, listen up – because Gertie's going to tell you why you should train your drivers!

The Importance of Good, On-going Training

Basically, making sure a courier company has a team of well-trained drivers is important for one main reason: it makes everyone who works for that company drive safer. And couriers who drive better and safer have vans that last longer, claim less insurance (keeping premiums lower for their employers), give their company a better reputation, and potentially even use less petrol than those who don't. So, by giving couriers the proper training and ensuring they pass speciality tests and accreditations, companies are not only looking out for the safety of pedestrians, drivers and vans – they're also helping themselves save money.

If all that is somehow not enough to convince you to give your drivers training, then consider this: as an employer it is your duty to look after your employees, and this includes making sure they're safe when out doing their courier jobs making your company's bottom line look good. I've read somewhere that it's riskier to drive for work than for personal reasons, so I urge you – do the right thing. Get your lads some training – and keep it up on a regular basis.

See you all here next week, for more courier-related discussion.

Until then, ta-ra!

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