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Your Favourite Types Of Courier Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 07-Apr-2015 12:15:58

Hello, my dears!

Before we even begin, I just wanted to let you know I promised myself I would not say it. No. Not this time. I won't say it. You all know it already...what is even the point?

Oh, all right. You lot are the best blog readership on the Internet, and this was another fabulous haul (no pun intended) of answers to the fan-interaction question of the week. Happy now?

In all fairness, though, I knew it would be like this. One of the reasons I adore these fan interactions so much is that you, my dear readers, never seem to run out of fascinating answers – and this was no different. Sure, the question may have been a simple 'either/or' one – basically 'do you prefer longer or shorter courier jobs – but the reasons you gave for your preferences were extremely interesting and logical. As usual, I wish I had more space to publish all of them, but unfortunately, I had to pick just a few of my favourites. These are below.

'I prefer shorter courier jobs, for personal reasons – as a working mother of two, I like to go home at the end of the day and be with my boys (all three of them, plus the dog!) I wouldn't turn down a longer job with better pay, but it would have to be a very punctual thing – going on those all the time would not suit my lifestyle at all!' - Diane, Warwickshire

'I tend to go for longer-distance courier jobs, not only because they pay better but also because I love discovering towns and places outside of my own county. The more you experience in your life the better, I always say! After all you only live once!' - Ben, Middlesex

'Long, short, in the middle – I take them all! After all, when you're your own boss, you need to try and go on as many courier jobs as you can if you want to make a good living!' - Tony, Tyne and Wear

Do you see what I mean? I just absolutely love it!

See you all next time. Ta-ra!


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