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Courier Work In One Word – Your Answers

Posted by Gertie on 10-Mar-2016 12:15:18

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Hello, my loves!

Well, March Marches on (see what I did there?) and we're still getting good weather, so hopefully this will continue. I don't know about anybody else, but I've had a share of chill to last me the year – winter seemed endless, didn't it?

Anyway, let's talk about more upbeat things – namely, that challenge I set for you lot last week. Do you remember what it was? If you don't, or if you missed last week's post for some reason (naughty, naughty!) I shall quickly re-state it here.

Basically, I asked my readers to come up with a definition of what the term 'courier work' meant to them, but using just one word. I never had any doubt that you would all be up for the challenge, however hard it might seem, and what do you know – I was right! Below are my favourite picks from the batch that flooded my inbox, along with the explanations for why they were chosen. My readers' creativity at its best – hope you all enjoy them, and those who weren't inspired the first time around, perhaps these might help you come up with some yourselves. It's not too late to send them in.

'Career. Because that's what courier work is to me. My opportunity for a solid, enjoyable, fulfilling and long-lasting career. I can't believe I get to do something I really love, all day every day!' - Joe, Wales

'Freedom. Because I do self-employed courier work and, having worked for years delivering parcels in a corporate environment, I can't stress enough how liberating it is to be your own master. I absolutely adore it. Most of my friends reckon I have the best job in the world, and I certainly don’t disagree!' - Mark, Wiltshire.

'Parcels. Because they're what courier work is all about, and they're what I deliver day in, and day out. A whole lot of parcels! I live, breathe and sometimes even dream about parcels and packages of all shapes and sizes… in fact, I'm thinking about them even while I'm writing this!' - Davey, Yorkshire.

So we have the sensible fellow, the poet, and the jokester, in just one small answers post. Seems a pretty accurate cross-section of my readership... See? This is why I love you lot!

See you here next week, for the second half of this month-long game. Until then, ta-ra.


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