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Is There a Retirement Age For Courier Work?

Posted by Gertie on 05-May-2016 16:31:13

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Hello, my dears!

Before we get started with our discussion for this month, I have an announcement to make. Posts over the next couple of weeks may seem a little topical - as in, focused around a specific theme. And that's because, this past week, I celebrated my birthday!

That's right, old Aunt Gertie turned another year older, and she really is becoming quite the old lady. So much so that she is now officially of retirement age – not that she plans on going anywhere anytime soon! No, my dears, I enjoy my cafe far too much to let age stop me from serving the best bacon baps this side of the M1!

Turning older did get me thinking, though. Because the fact is, as young as I still feel at heart, I've been progressively discovering I'm not so young anymore everywhere else. My joints ache, my eyesight is going, and sometimes I even have to strain to hear my girls over the noise of the stove or microwave! As much as we try to avoid it, age catches up to everyone, and your favourite blogger-slash-roadside-cafe-owner is no exception!

From there, my thoughts wandered to the topic we all love to discuss on this blog - courier work. I began thinking about how many older couriers (and hauliers, for that matter – hi, Bill!) I see coming into my cafe, and found myself wondering if they felt the effects of old age the same way I have been. And, if so, whether they let that stop them carrying on in their profession.

That's what eventually brought about the topic for this week's reader discussion – namely, whether or not there is a maximum age limit (a retirement age, if you will) for courier work. What do you think? Is there a cut-off point where people should really stop driving round because they risk becoming a hazard to themselves and others? And if so, when do you reckon it is?

I'm really interested to hear from everyone about this, as I know not all of my readers fit into the same age demographic. I'm sure there are a few older readers out there right now nodding their heads as I describe how I feel – and just as many waving their canes at me, going 'Gertie, how dare you insinuate I'm too old for courier work? Outrageous!'

I want to hear from both those camps – and from anyone else who cares to chime in.

So get those fingers working, and fill up my inbox with the usual good stuff.

For now, ta-ra.



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