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Being A Courier Driver in 2015: What Does It Mean To You?

Posted by Gertie on 01-Jan-2015 12:18:47

"DHL On The Streets of NYC" ( by FaceMePLS ( is licensed under CC BY 4.0 ( " DHL On The Streets of NYC"  by FaceMePLS  is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Hello my dears!

First of all, happy 2015! I hope everyone had a lovely New Year with their friends and family, and of course lots of quality food and drink – that's always important, isn't it?

Mine was quite quiet, if I'm honest. Stevie came over with his family, of course, and we went out to see the fireworks in the park, but otherwise we didn't really do anything terribly exciting. Hopefully, my darling readers will have had a bit more exciting of a time, but if not, don't worry – all that matters is that you and your loved ones are safe and enjoyed each other's company!

With that said, 2015 may still be taking its first steps at this point, but it is time for us to stop looking at what is past and turn our sights towards the year that is now beginning. And what better way to do that than with one of our good old question-and-answer sessions - specifically one asking what it means to be a courier driver in 2015?

That's right – for our inaugural post of the year, I'm asking you lot what you think the job description of 'courier driver' stands for in the early 21st century. Oh sure, I could sit here and waffle on and on about what I think it means (or just ask Stevie and call it a day), but I'd much rather have my bit of interaction with you all – I know you like it as much as I do, so why not?

So there you have it – your first challenge for the upcoming week. Tell myself and the other readers, in as clear a manner as possible, what it means to be a courier driver in the year 2015.

Goodness, I sound like a teacher assigning homework! That's how you know it's time to start writing...

Until next time!