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Posted by Gertie on 05-Oct-2015 17:21:57

Hello, my darlings!

I hope everyone is doing splendidly, and ready for another month of fun with courier delivery tales! I know, I know, at times it may not seem the most interesting topic in the world, and after almost five years, it may seem as though everything that could possibly have been written about already has. But I know, if nothing else, you lot trust your old Aunt Gertie to keep things interesting around here, don't you? Regardless of what lengths she has to go to to achieve that goal!

On that note, I'd like to apologise in advance to my friend Bill, of the Truck Stop fame, from whom I stole the idea for this month. Well, sort of. You see, Bill is having an entire month dedicated to inspirational stories revolving around haulage, so I thought I might do something similar. However, I didn't want to do the exact same thing as him, so I settled for a month revolving around courier driver tales, in general.

That's right – this month, I want to hear your most amusing, frustrating, scary, interesting or heart-warming tales from out there 'on the road'. I know there's many a courier driver amongst my readers – in fact, I think most of you are – so I know there won't be any dearth of interesting tidbits for me to publish in upcoming weeks. Even if you're the family or friend of a delivery worker and think you have a good (clean) story, please write in!

So there you have it – your challenge for this month. Bear in mind I have absolutely no restrictions to what you write about (within reason, of course), as long as it's courier driver related. As I said above, you can tell me a funny story, an inspirational one, or even have a bit of a moan, if you're so inclined. All I require is that it's about delivery and courier driving, because that's what we talk about around these parts, usually. So go crazy, and have fun!

Until next week, ta-ra!