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Gertie Gets A Courier Driver Job

Posted by Gertie on 02-Jan-2013 11:13:00

Hello my darlings!

Exciting news today! As you may have guessed by the title of my post, your dear old Auntie Gertie is moonlighting as a courier driver! Not full-time, of course, just helping out over the holidays, but as our old friend Tesco puts it, “every little helps”. My nephew (who works at the same company I'm starting at), could hardly contain his laughter, but I fail to see why it should be so funny that I take up a job of this kind – you are only as old as you feel, after all, aren't you?

But I'm getting ahead of myself, darlings – do let me tell you how this all happened. Stevie came over for a meal one evening, and he was talking about how delivery companies need part-timers every Christmas, to cope with the rush of jobs. He mentioned his own company needing people, but said all his mates were going away for the holidays or were already tied up, and could I ask around with the people at the café. Well, go-getter that I am, I decided to do one better: I proudly stood up and announced that I would become a courier driver myself!

Oh, you ought to have seen the look on poor Stevie's face! He just stared at me with this mixture of dismay, disbelief, shock, and goodness knows what else, and said: “Aunt Gertie, you can't drive!” I would have been offended, but I was too busy giggling – enough that I spilled my wine all over my lovely spread!

In the end, I did manage to bring Stevie round, but he still insisted on going with me on at least the first couple of trips. I personally think it's nonsense, but being a good auntie, I didn't deny it to him. We take our first few parcels out tomorrow – wish me luck!



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