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Gertie the Courier Driver!

Posted by Gertie on 02-Jan-2013 11:20:00

Hello dears!

I could not wait to get back home today, so I could tell you all about my first day as a courier driver! I'm afraid I've already bored everyone else around me to tears, so you will have to bear with me, darlings.

For those of you who weren't paying attention, I decided to take on a job as a relief courier driver for the holiday season, at my nephew Steven's company in the next town. Stevie was mortified, as those who read my previous post will know, but I have decided to show him that his old aunt still has a couple of tricks up her sleeve, and that I am as capable of performing this job as any strapping young lad! There are plenty of women doing it, so I found out, so why shouldn't I be one of them?

That was how I found myself riding along with Stevie early this morning, to go to his company and speak to his boss. I didn't know the chap beforehand, but I was well impressed. He was a bit brusque, but well-spoken and courteous. He, like Stephen, expressed some concern as to my driving abilities, but I told him - as I am telling you now, darlings - that I really don't see why everyone gets into such a tizzy about it. Yes, I realise I'm an older lady, but I don't see how that makes me any worse of a driver! I'm cautious, I mind my P's and Q's on the road, and I don't even need glasses yet, other than for reading! Besides, from what Stevie's boss told me, relief drivers would only be operating in villages around the area, and I know at least a couple of those like the back of my hand!

I told Mr Wallace all this and, to my surprise, he seemed impressed. I apologised for being a bit forceful, but he said that only showed I had spirit and determination, and that those were two qualities he, in particular, looked for in a courier driver. Points for me!

Things got a little more complicated when he asked me what I drove. I explained I mostly go around on my bicycle, and that my car is a darling little Mini Cooper. At this point, Mr Wallace frowned, and I thought he wouldn't give me the job. However, he then said he had a spare vehicle lying around, and that he was willing to try me out in it. Isn't he thoughtful!

So, I start tomorrow. Yes, I know I said today had been my first day as a courier driver – but I never said I'd worked as one, did I? (Giggle) Stand by…

Gertie x



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