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The Meaning of Life for the Courier Driver – The Answers

Posted by Gertie on 08-Jan-2015 12:37:01

 "untitled" ( by Jamiecat * ( is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (
" untitled"  by Jamiecat *  is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Hello darlings!

Well, even as January has rolled around and business at the café begins to pick up again, I will still find time to come up here and check on you lot at least once a week. After over four years of you showing up whenever I ask you to and giving me so much material to write about, it is the least I could do, isn't it?

Anyway, this time around we have that thing you all love so dearly – a 'best answers to the question of the week' post. Now, if you recall, said question of the week involved what it meant – in your opinion – to be a courier driver in 2015. I asked you to explain to me, as simply as possible, what you thought this term meant, stood for and was associated with, specifically in a decade that saw so much technological advance in so short a period of time.

As usual, you people did not disappoint, and I had the hardest time picking only a handful of answers to publish on the blog. Eventually, though, I did manage – and I'm posting my favourite ones below.

'Being a courier driver in 2015 means having access to plenty of technology you could not benefit from before. Things like exchange terminals, GPS, and other great advances that make sure your work is as effortless as possible. Of course, if you're a driver, you'll know there's no such thing as 'effortless' in our field, but, well, you get my point.' - Dan, County Antrim

'To me, the definition of courier driver has changed a lot in the past ten years or so – and that is mostly because of the rise of online shopping and such. Where before a courier driver would maybe only have one or two jobs for a specific company, nowadays you find yourself going around delivering everyone's parcels from eBay and Amazon. I'm not complaining – the money's good – but things have definitely changed.' - Ralph, Shropshire

'It means 'driving a lorry' – same as it always did!' - Jon, London

That last one made me laugh so hard I could not continue. You lot are the best!

Until next time, my dears!