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More Novice Courier Driver Adventures

Posted by Gertie on 02-Jan-2013 11:28:00

Hello my sweethearts!'ve liked hearing about old Gertie's experiences as a courier driver, haven't you? Since I made my last post, I've received a few e-mails asking all sorts of questions: how did it go with Nigel? Was I in any more awkward situations? Did I meet more familiar faces? You lot have frightfully enquiring minds! Luckily, I have never been one to skimp out on details – as you may have noticed over my blog! So sit back and enjoy a few more of my adventures working as a courier driver.

First things first: dinner with Nigel went well, you busybodies! We went strictly as friends, though – I'm far too old to be going on dates! We got along rather nicely, but that's all there will be to it for now. If anything else happens, then it will happen, and it will be pleasant. For now, however, we're both happy to remain as friends. Anyhow, I am far too busy with my new career (and my old one too!).

Now, then! With that out of the way, I suppose I should start on what we are all here for: my life as a part time courier driver. Let me tell you right off the bat, my darlings: if nothing else, it is a real eye-opener! I'd never known so many odd people lived in this area, but I suppose going right up to their door would make you see their queerer side, wouldn't it?

At any rate, there is hardly a dull moment to be had. I've had a fellow, for example, who answered the door in this extremely revealing dressing gown, and then proceeded to make horrible attempts at flirtation. I had to point out to him – somewhat forcefully, I'll admit – that I was here strictly to deliver his parcel. I had never thought about that side of delivery work to be honest – problems with the receivers at the other end.

Then there was the couple that opened their package in front of me and wouldn't sign the slip until they had inspected every last item with a fine tooth comb. Again, I hadn't really paid too much mind to that side of the job – what would I have done if the contents had arrived less than perfect?

Not everything about being a courier driver is stressful, though. There was the house I delivered to yesterday where a darling little boy came to the door – he must have been about six – and informed me his mother had “pooped” out to the supermarket. For some reason, that made me giggle – and I was still giggling when the lady came back, which wasn't very professional, but what's a girl to do?

Anyway, darlings, those were just a few of the things I witnessed in the past few days, working as a courier driver. I'll share some more as they happen. For now, Nigel is waiting to take me to a film – as friends, evidently. Although he is ever so handsome...




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