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Surviving Summer As a Courier Driver: Your Tips And Tricks!

Posted by Gertie on 10-Jun-2015 18:30:44

“Stonebrook Road” by Cubmundo is licensed under CC BY 2.0Stonebrook Road” by Cubmundo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Good morning, darlings!

I woke up bright and early this morning, with the sun coming in through my window, so I thought why not make the most of my day and give my dear readers an early treat to sink their teeth into...? An answers post, no less, with all of their lovely contributions that always make me so happy whenever I receive them!

Your Answers

Now, if you recall, the Question of the Week for this week had to do with precautions a courier driver should take when working on a hot day. Rather than go off on one of my fluffy topics, I decided to ask for you darlings' help with something a tad more serious – and as usual, I was not disappointed. You lot are not just a good lark – you are also very helpful when it comes to giving advice and sharing tips, as the responses below prove.

'This must really seem like nothing more than common sense, but...water. As a courier driver, you put in a lot of physical effort. You'll want to stay hydrated to make sure nothing unexpected occurs. Personally, I always keep a cooler in the van with at least one bottle inside. Be careful, though – icy water can be dangerous if you drink it while hot.' - Charles, Wiltshire

'It's a shame that as a courier driver you are not allowed to go around without a shirt on – some days, it's all you want to do! The alternative is to dress as light as you can – provided you don't have a uniform, of course. If you do, unlucky, mate...' - John, Lancashire.

'If you feel yourself or your vehicle beginning to get stuffy, stop, catch some air and let the vehicle ventilate as well. This may set you back on your schedule a little bit, but it will prevent the car from overheating and you from potentially falling ill – I would say it is a fair trade-off!' - Dan, Devon

Those are just three of the many, many, many tips and tricks I got from you lot – in fact, maybe I will save some of these and publish them next month! Saves me having to think while I'm on holiday, haha!