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The Future Of Delivery Services - Trends For 2017

Posted by Gertie on 10-Feb-2017 11:47:50

Hello, darlings!

Well – what do you know? Every time I think I know you lot, you turn around and surprise me! An example? I thought I would get called all sorts for promising good times and then making a post about taxes, but I got the exact opposite reaction! My post about what to claim and what taxes to pay if you work in delivery services was a massive hit, and I've had loads of requests to talk about another subject in plain and simple terms! And when you lot are so insistent, who am I to say no?

So, this week, I'm caving in to your requests and doing another post on a serious topic. This one may not be as useful as the last one in the short term, but it's something that could well affect logistics and delivery services over the next year or so. I'm talking about industry trends: that is to say, the factors specialists think could have an impact on the logistics field over the course of 2017. Once again, I've used my sources (Google and my nephew Stevie, to find five factors that could affect logistics this coming year and beyond. Here they come!

Changing Consumer Behaviours
The behaviour of consumers in the courier and logistics field is changing – or that's what the experts say. Sites like eBay and Amazon have made consumers used to extra-speedy delivery options, such as next-day or even same-day delivery. Providers of this type of service are going to have to continue rising to the challenge of meeting these demands, at the risk of losing clients. You have been warned!

Technological Innovations
Technological innovations like tracking technology, voice technology and mobile Internet have been having a growing impact on the field of delivery services, and this situation is expected to continue into 2017.

More and more companies are expected to outsource their deliveries, according to specialists. So that's extra job opportunities for you lot!

Cost and Return
Costs and returns play a huge part in any industry, and delivery services are no different. The fact that costs are rising and returns are becoming smaller as a result could have an impact on how closely deliveries are tracked and monitored, for example – something else for you drivers to be aware of.

Political Change
Finally, political changes, and the fact that some markets are becoming larger, could cause the supply chain to start looking a little different at a global level. Nothing that concerns any of you directly, most likely, but still something to bear in mind.

There you have it, then – five factors to look out for in the delivery and logistics industry in 2017. Hopefully, they turn out to be as useful to you as my tax tips were, even if it's not straight away!

As for me, I will simply say...