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Courier Driver Excellence – Your Answers

Posted by Gertie on 20-Mar-2016 12:30:22

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Hello, my loveys!

Well, here we are – we made it through another month. Blimey, but that went quick, didn't it? Didn't hurt that we decided to take it easy and be a little more light-hearted than usual in our approach to couriering. I think we ended up having a fair bit of fun – don't you?

Anyway, as one of the Beatles once said, 'all things must pass', and so we come to the end of yet another cycle of posts here at Gertie's Cafe. We're ending March on a high note, though, as today we have the answers to last week's post, where I asked you lot to tell me your proudest moments of courier driver excellence. Posted below are some handpicked favourites – although this month, even though I always say it's hard, it was even harder to choose than usual!

'As soon as I read your question, Gertie, I knew what my answer would be. There's only one moment I consider my crowning achievement as a courier driver – and that's the day I like to call the '50 Parcel Day'. It was exactly what the name implies – a day where I found myself with 50 individual orders to deliver. Now, 50 parcels is nothing extraordinary if they're several to a batch or load, but these were all separate, and going to separate places – all miles from one another! I don't need to tell you it was an adventure, but at the end of the day, I had them all delivered – every last one! I was well chuffed with myself and I learnt a LOT about the benefits of planning…' - George, East Midlands.

'My proudest moment as a courier driver? Well, far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, but it was probably the time I end up on the local news. Unfortunately, it wasn't for the brilliance of my work – it was because they were doing a report on roadworks, and asked me about whether I was inconvenienced by them! It was still pretty great to see myself on television (and the kids loved it) – and wouldn't you know it, I didn't even lose my cool and stutter or anything! I got to lord it over my mates down the pub afterwards as well with my 15 seconds of local fame.' - Jamie, Dorset

'The best moment in all my years as a courier driver was meeting my future wife on the course of a delivery. I think that's all that needs saying, really.' - John, Somerset

It is indeed, John. It is indeed.

Fantastic job, you lot! See you here next month for more of the same.

Until then, ta-ra!


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