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Doggie Paws Delivery Service – Annie's Story

Posted by Gertie on 15-Aug-2015 16:51:10

dog-resized Spank Headshot by Paolo Laino is licensed under CC 2.0

Hello, my dears!

Well, here we are again. Another week, another blog post in which we continue this month's theme of showing the other side of courier jobs and delivery service ventures. And this week's story has to be one of my favourites, as it has all of my favourite things in it: children, dogs, a happy family, and, of course, a few deliveries!

The reader who sent it in is named Annie, and she lives in a small town in Yorkshire with her family. Her husband is the delivery service driver, not her – she's a stay-at-home Mum – but his influence has spread to her two boys and one girl, as well as to another member of the household. Read more below!

'Hi, Gertie – I saw your post about sharing quirky and odd courier stories and thought I'd write in with my own. My husband is a delivery driver, and in our home everybody is a big fan of delivering parcels. My little boys, Joe and Mitchell, and their sister Ellie often go around in Mitch's pedal car playing 'delivery service' – they take turns playing at being their Daddy, with the other two acting as the customers. It's adorable.

Even more adorable is our dog, Charlie. We taught Charlie, a border collie, to deliver parcels to the people who live on our road – and would you believe it, he does! Sometimes he gets it wrong, of course – he'll go into the wrong person's house and we have to come out on the street and steer him in the right direction – but in some cases he knows where people live and will go straight there! For instance, if we tell him to go deliver something to the Singhs – our neighbours from across – he'll get it right every time! I often use Charlie to send things to my neighbours, such as homemade treats or a book they want to borrow, and everyone up my street loves hearing from him! Me and the kids have taken to referring to Charlie and his little trips as the Doggy Paws Delivery Service – and it certainly gives Daddy's business a run for its money!'

Even with another week to go, I'm already sure this is going to be my favourite story of the month. Thanks for sharing, Annie – and well done, Charlie!

The rest of you, don't slack off – we've still got another blog post to fill.

 Gertie