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Things to Beware of on Owner Driver Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 07-Jan-2014 12:09:47

Hopefully this isn’t any of your vans...’Car Breakers – Perchore Road, Stirchley – Scrapped Van – Rik-Fit Tyres’ (c) 2013 Elliott Brown. Used under a Creative Commons license.

I thought we would kick off this month in the best possible way and have ourselves one of our little reader interaction things. Those are always fun, right? So I set my mind to thinking, trying to figure out what we could talk about. Unfortunately for me and for you lot, inspiration just wasn’t high, and I couldn’t come up with anything, so I decided to turn on the TV. And what was the first thing I saw? Some poor dear who’s been involved in an accident. And then the reporters said he was an independent man-and-van operator. Suddenly I had the subject for my next post!

I’m sorry to be so grisly at such a festive time, my dears, but that news item made me realise that in all these years of writing a blog (four last month, remember?) I had never spoken about the dangers of working owner driver jobs. We had addressed it now and then, when one of my readers sent in a story about getting mugged or whatnot, but we had never sat down and talked about it.

Until now.

That’s right, my dears, this is your opportunity to tell me your toughest moments working on owner driver jobs. The ones you tell people when you’re trying make a point about how haulage and courier work are not for the faint of heart. Whether it is an injury, a dangerous situation you were involved in, one you barely doesn’t matter. All I ask is that it is interesting, makes me and the rest of my readers think and, of course, that it happened during one of your owner driver jobs. So no telling me about that time the rollercoaster stopped when you were at the top of the steepest hill! Unless you were up there delivering a parcel to the motion-sick lady in the front car (and you could be – one never knows). That is not the kind of story I want.

Other than that, my dears, go crazy. I know I can count on my readers to provide good material for these things – you lot never failed me before! Even with a subject as serious as this, I expect some good responses. Prove me right, my darlings!