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Self Employed Courier Driver Jobs: Networking

Posted by Gertie on 05-Sep-2016 15:09:26


Hello, dears!

Well, summer is now over and it's time to get back to work. I'm trying to get back into 'work mode' myself after a lovely couple of weeks in sunny Spain – not to mention getting reacquainted with the, erm, lovely British weather...

Not all is bad about the end of another summer, however. Autumn tends to be one of those times of year when people are up for trying something new or giving their life a new direction. In the field we deal with most often, for example – courier deliveries – a lot of people choose this time to take that next step and switch their corporate driver positions for self employed courier driver jobs. Being self-employed has a number of advantages, but it also provides a sense of adventure and new possibilities many people are looking for to keep their spirits up during the cold and gloomy months.

That's why I've taken it upon myself to provide my dear readers with some tips on getting started doing self employed courier driver jobs, should they be thinking of doing so. So if you're interested in being your own boss, read on!

Networking is Key

Now, then. The first thing anyone needs if they want to do self employed courier driver jobs is, of course, a vehicle. This doesn't need to be a van; it can just as easily be a bicycle or even a regular car.

After that, the most important thing to have are connections - gained by what you young ones these days call 'networking.' Getting customers early on – preferably repeat customers – is the key to succeeding in any business, and self employed courier driver jobs are no exception.

Get your name out there, tell a friend, leave a satisfied customer, and you'll have a far higher chance of your business growing.

There are many ways for businesses to do this, but in the case of delivery drivers, it can best be achieved by attending trade shows and seminars, leafleting, or even joining one of these new courier websites, to get to know other couriers as well as potential clients. Just make sure people know you exist and you'll be just fine!

Well, now that you know Aunt Gertie's foolproof (haha!) key to making it big in the delivery world, I'll be waiting to hear the success stories.

Until then, ta-ra!

  • Gertie


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