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Self-Employed Courier Jobs As Post-Retirement Work – Your Thoughts

Posted by Gertie on 20-Aug-2016 12:23:33

Hello, darlings!

Well, here we are at the end of another month, and one week closer to the official end of summer. Or is that the end of 'official summer'? Because it certainly has not been too summery around these parts, has it?

To end on a high note, today we have something that you probably were expecting if you read last week's post: an improvised, spur-of-the-moment reader interaction answers post!

Now, just in case you weren't here, let's take you through that post quickly. Basically, I found an article talking about why self-employed courier jobs were the perfect occupation for retired people looking for a little extra income or just something to keep them occupied. Essentially, I agreed with the points the argument was making, and right at the end, I asked my readers to chime in with their views as well. This is the answers post for that. You got all that? Fabulous! So, without further ado, here we go!

'As a semi-retired citizen who works on self-employed courier jobs – and knows others who also do – I could not agree more with the article. As I think you said, Gertie, retirement can get dull, and this sort of occupation certainly keeps us on our toes. All of my circle are wild about it!' - Anthony, Gloucestershire

'I personally think self-employed courier jobs are a great way for older people to keep active, especially from a mental point of view. I work in the health sector and I know how important it is to them (and FOR them) to feel useful and to know their mind is still working sharply. This type of job can do exactly that – and in fact, it did, for my father-in-law!' - Tracey, West Yorkshire

'I don't reckon old geezers should do self-employed courier jobs. They're an absolute hazard behind the wheel! Just kidding, I actually agree that it's a great occupation for older people! - John, Devonshire

John the funnyman sees us out today – and this month. Be here next week (month?), because I certainly will!

Until then, ta-ra!


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