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Share Your Advice to a Self-Employed Courier Driver

Posted by Gertie on 15-Oct-2016 16:50:51

Hello, darlings!

Today, I shan't faff about, I'll get right to the point. And yes, I know I always say that, but this time, I mean it.

I'll explain why: this post is of a personal nature to me. See, even though it is technically a Your Voice – in that I'll be asking you a question that you are to answer in time for next week's post – this one will be a little different than usual. How, you ask? is actually going to have a purpose.

See, usually we do these types of posts just for fun, to share information amongst ourselves on subjects such as driving for a courier company, or being a self-employed courier driver. Whatever we talk about, however, usually the only ones benefitting from the info are ourselves. Not so this time around. This time, whatever answers you lot give are going to be passed on to a person that, hopefully, will use them to start their own career in the field we all know and love!

And who is this person, you might ask? Well, a young man, a friend of my nephew's, who wants to become a self-employed courier driver for a living. Of course, I already have Stevie giving him a crash course and telling him about the pros and cons, but as a certain supermarket chain says, 'Every little helps'. So I thought, why not? Why not ask my readers, and see how they can help this boy have the best start to his career?

And that is why I said this Your Voice would be a little different than usual; because what I'm asking you to do is not answer a specific question, but rather share any advice you feel might be important for a young lad wanting to try his hand at being a self-employed courier driver. I know many of you out there work for yourselves, as freelancers, and therefore, I'm comfortable asking you to help me with this one.

Well, that's it – send any and all advice you feel might be relevant to the usual address, and I'll publish the bits I find the most helpful next week – and pass those and the rest over to my friend the budding self-employed courier driver. Let's help him achieve his goal, yes?

I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, ta-ra!

  • Gertie


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