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Your Tips For a Self-Employed Courier Driver

Posted by Gertie on 20-Oct-2016 17:01:16

Hello, you!

Well – there is nothing I can say, other than, thank you for showing once again why you are hands down one of the best readerships in the entire Internet!

That's right – once again, you all saw a challenge in front of you and rose to it admirably, as only you can. I knew asking you to help a young friend of mine who wants to be a self-employed courier driver might just have excellent results - and what do you know, my intuition was right!

Yes, the first ever Your Voice with practical applications not only had excellent adherence, it also gave me some (predictably) excellent pieces of advice to relay to Stevie's young friend and help him start a career in courier delivery. That's why I don't want to spend too much time faffing and would rather let these pieces speak for themselves. So without further a-do, here are some of the best bits of advice from my readership regarding the profession of self-employed courier driver.

'The main things you need to be a successful self-employed courier driver are patience and willpower. Things are not going to go right for you straight away, and they're not going to go right for you all the time. Some weeks will be great, others not so much. The key is not to let the bad weeks put you off – when those happen, you need to buckle down and move on, so you can get to the good ones. And trust me, those will come. So if you can do that, you should be perfectly fine.' - Janet, Cumbria.

'You need a good head for numbers, so you can balance all your expenses and make sure you come out with some profit. This is not going to be possible every single week of the year, so you definitely need some self-control, too, so you aren't spending more than necessary.' - Anna, Hampshire.

'A good sense of organisation is required if this chap is to make a good self-employed courier driver. Too many people lose track of what orders they have, where they are going, who has paid and who hasn't, all that sort of thing. This cannot happen if this boy wants a long lasting career in the field – so tell him that!' - Thomas, Yorkshire.

This is why I say I have the best readership on the Internet. Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice, which will be passed on, and almost certainly help the person in question!

For now, though, and until we see each other again...ta-ra!

  • Gertie


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