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What To Expect From Self-Employed Courier Jobs

Posted by Gertie on 20-Nov-2015 11:30:16

Hello, darlings!

Well, it must be the final week of the month, because here's another answers post!

Now, if you were here for the post I made last week, you know this one particular answers post is a little different than all the others. That's because, rather than ask you some serious question and then gather your answers, I asked you all to provide advice and insight on a specific topic. I requested that you send in your best advice, tips, tricks and suggestions to help those just dipping their feet into the wonderful world of self-employed courier jobs. And the least I can say is that, true to form, you delivered. I had so many good answers sent in that I may actually save some of them up to either make a second instalment or in the event that I actually meet a rookie courier driver at some point in the future! In the meantime, here are my picks for the week:

'The best thing I can do for someone just getting their start doing self-employed courier jobs is to remind them that there is no fixed income – what you earn depends on how much you work. And because you're your own boss, it's very easy to be tempted to 'slack off' – if you ever do feel tempted, remember you'll want the money from those hours once the monthly bills roll around!' - Joe, Cumbria

'The main thing to remember with regards to self-employed courier jobs is that they're quite different from a full-time position with a company. They're much more flexible, but also much more demanding if you want to really make good money. Plus, you're self-employed, so I hope you know how to do your own taxes!' - Jim, Yorkshire.

'Don't give up. That's the best advice I can give you. Self-employed courier jobs are going to seem hard at first, especially if you're young and not quite equipped with a work ethic yet, but if you keep at them, they'll eventually become much easier – as well as begin to pay off!' - Tom, Lincolnshire

These comments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I got from you lot this week – but I'm saving the rest for a rainy day!

In the meantime, I shall see you next month, in this very same blog space.

Until then, ta-ra!


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