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What Does a Self-Employed Courier Need To Know?

Posted by Gertie on 15-Nov-2016 09:31:05

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Hello, dears!

Well – I'm going to get straight to the topic today. I know I usually faff on a bit, but this time around, I have a request that's far more important than all that chat about the weather and suchlike.

See, as some of you know, my nephew Stevie is a self-employed courier. He used to work for a large company, but a few years ago he got tired of the boss and decided to strike out on his own. He was very successful very quickly I'm pleased to say, and is so happy he's taken it upon himself to start mentoring people in our town who also want to try their hands at delivering parcels while being their own boss.

That's where we come to the topic of today's post. Since Stevie started offering to teach people tips on how to be a self-employed courier, he's encounters a much higher number of people than he initially thought would be interested in this type of work. He doesn't want to turn anybody down, but he also can't give advice to so many people at the same time. So he asked me if I could help by writing a post on my blog about what someone wanting to be a self-employed courier should know before making the switch or going into business for themselves.

Of course, being the good aunt that I am, I told him I would do him one better, and ask my readers – who know a lot more about the subject than I do – to offer a few tips themselves. Which brings us here, to my all-important request that could not wait: I want you lot to help Stevie out and write in to me with some of the things you personally think an aspiring self-employed courier should know or be prepared for when first starting the job.

So please – do your best, and let's help my nephew help others!

For now, though, ta-ra

  • Gertie