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A Typical Day At Steven’s Delivery Service

Posted by Gertie on 13-Jun-2014 16:00:00

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Hello, my dears!

Since we last spoke, I’ve made a decision. Because last week’s post – celebrating my one-month anniversary working for my nephew’s delivery service – went over so well, I’ve decided to continue the celebrations into this week. Let’s just call it a double feature.

And because I’ve already given you my thoughts on my first month last week, I thought today I might take you through a typical day delivering parcels for Steven’s Delivery Service. (He’s still trying to come up with a better name – he needs to find one soonish, though, wouldn’t you say?)

Now, first of all, readers who have not been keeping up with my blog (naughty, naughty!) should know that this is not my ‘main’ full-time job; during the week, I manage a motorway cafe. Parcel delivery is just something I’ve taken up as a weekend volunteering activity, to help my nephew out while he finishes getting his company up and running. What I mean by this is that perhaps working for a delivery service during the week is significantly different than doing so at the weekend; if that is the case, I wouldn’t know anything about it. What you are about to read is the typical day of a courier who works over the weekend. Now that we have established that, off we go!

As I said, my duties at Stevie’s delivery service are purely voluntary; I’m not getting paid, and I don’t want to get paid. Family is family, after all, isn’t it? Even still, I like to make sure I’m at the office at the same time as all the lads who are getting a salary, so I always try to be in for half-nine at the latest. That’s when Stevie begins to assign work to all his drivers – and to see him bossing around his own Dad never fails to make me giggle!

Once I have my duties for the day, it’s off to deliver parcels to people. Usually, I do this for around three hours before I begin to get peckish and stop for a nibble somewhere. I have discovered a couple of really nice cafes and sandwich places, so whenever my route takes me close to one of them, that is where I eat my lunch.

I always try never to take too long with these lunches, although the temptation is often there, particularly on sunny spring days when everyone is at the park riding bicycles or having a picnic! Still, I always manage to remind myself that duty calls, and after an hour or so off I go to deliver some more parcels! This usually finishes around half-five, when I drive back to the office to report to my ‘boss’, Stevie. After that, it’s time to go home and put my feet up – driving around can certainly make you tired!

Oh, I’m sorry, dears – were you expecting anything exciting? Don’t feel bad – maybe some other time I will share some of my most interesting individual experiences...

For now, though, ta-ra!

- Gertie