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Self-Employed Courier Jobs In Hot Weather: Why Do Them?

Posted by Gertie on 30-Jun-2013 11:32:00

I know it's tempting, but stick with it... Summer (c) 2011 Moyan_Brenn, used under a Creative Commons Attribution

I Know it's tempting, but stick with it... Summer (c) 2011 Moyan_Brenn, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Hi, loveys!

As we continue to enjoy what finally seems to be spring (about blessed time, I say!), I see more and more of you torn between your self-employed courier jobs and the attraction of the park or the pond or the zoo. While this is perfectly understandable (sometimes, I feel like taking the day off myself, believe me!), I think in the case of self-employed courier jobs there are more than a few reasons to keep at it, at least until summer comes in earnest.

I know, I know, you're all rolling your eyes at this boring old lady who doesn't know how to have fun anymore. And I know I could throw you all the old lines about responsibility and maturing and it would not matter a whiff to you. But bear with me; when I'm done giving my reasons, you may just think I'm right.

Right, then. Why should you spend these lovely days working self-employed courier jobs instead of eating ice cream at the park? Well, for one, fitness! We all want a 'summer body'. The lads want to impress the ladies with their muscles, and the girls want to be able to put on their bikinis and like what they see. And to do so (those of you who can still do it), you don't need to go on any crazy, dangerous diets or be at the gym five times a week. Cycling is an excellent exercise, especially for your legs. Besides, you would probably have gone for a ride around on your bike anyway, so why not make a little money in the process?

This brings me to my second point: money. Most of you working self-employed courier jobs are young, and don't have much to call your own. Pressing on at your job through the spring months allows you to save up a little (assuming you don't drink it all away!), and maybe go travelling without Mum and Dad paying for it for once. You'll find doing it on your own terms is harder, but also infinitely more gratifying!

My final point has to do with mental health. While the sun makes everyone feel better, the state of the job market has many people worried or frustrated. Getting out of the house prevents you from becoming depressed at your lack of a job, and delivering parcels keeps your mind and your body active, ensuring you don't fall into a funk!

As you can see, then, darlings, there are more than a few reasons to press on at your self-employed courier jobs, even as nature calls. I hope, with this text, I've convinced at least a few of you to do so.

Ta-ra for now! Enjoy the sun.