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Self Employed Courier Jobs: Your Stories

Posted by Gertie on 07-Dec-2012 10:23:00

"Delivery bike" © 2007 Richard Gillin, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license:


Hello, darlings!


As you may recall, last time, I was all in a tizzy about self-employed courier jobs. My nephew had done quite well for himself with one of them, and I wanted to share it with the world! So I decided to tell you about how I had been telling everyone in my village about this type of job, and then suggested that you dears send in your own stories, or those of someone you might know who might have had one of these jobs. And the least I can say is, my darlings, you delivered! My mailbox was positively flooded with stories, both good and bad. Below are some of my favourites, and I may post the rest in entries to come. Enjoy!


“Seld employed courier jobs are really fun. You can go around on your bike doing things, and people give you money for it. I think it's much better than doing people's lawns and things, because I like riding my bike, but I don't like cutting the lawn! It's also better than delivering papers, because where I live we do that on foot, and it's really tiring! That's why I think self employed courier jobs are great!” - Justin, age 11


(How could I not start with this one?! It's absolutely adorable! Thank you, Justin, and best of luck with your deliveries!)


“I now work driving a lorry for a large supermarket chain, but I have done a few courier jobs in the past, and I have to say, I don't think I would have  gotten my current job if it wasn't for the experience I got from them. These jobs taught me how to stick to a schedule, manage my finances, and even a bit about business. In later years, I used the skills I had acquired from them in other jobs, and did well.” - Keith.


(Thank you, Keith. I hope more young men will learn from your example. Work hard and you will be rewarded.)


“Both my sons have self employed courier jobs. They are bicycle couriers. Jeff got into it first, and Jonathan followed him once he started to make a bit of money. Personally, I'm always a little scared whenever they go out into traffic on their bikes, but mums will be mums, won't they? I'm glad Steven's doing well, and I hope my two boys will be as successful as he was.” - Penny.


(Thank you so much, dear! Best of luck to Jeff and Jonathan, too!)


Well, that's all the space we have for today, my dears. But keep sending in your stories – I plan on doing more of these, and your testimonial could be on the next one!




Gertie xxx