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Summing Up My First Month Of Courier Work

Posted by Gertie on 05-Jun-2014 11:00:12

I manage not to look like this when delivering my packages...’Tissue Delivery’ (c) 2007 Kamyar Adl. Used under a Creative Commons license. (

Hello, my sweethearts!

Guess who just came in from another ex-haus-ting day of courier work? That’s right – your Aunt Gertie! And now that the cat is fed, a little snack prepared, my feet up on the coffee table and the laptop on my, well, lap, we’re free to have our little weekly chat. Isn’t that great?

This time around, I’ve decided to share with you some of my experiences doing courier work, seeing as today marked the fourth weekend since I’ve started helping Stevie out. That’s right, my dears, it’s my one-month anniversary! And while most people would normally not celebrate a date like that, I feel like I’m entitled to do it – after all, going from cafe manager to daring, part time delivery driver is large enough of a leap that everything still feels new and exciting to me!

So how does courier work compare to your regular job, Gertie, I hear you ask? Well, to be fair, it’s different enough to still feel exciting, but in many ways not as different as I thought it might be. There is still that element of customer service that I’m used to from running my cafe, so that part is probably the easiest for me. Making sure people get their correct orders delivered to them on time? No problem. Old Gertie is a pro. Putting on a smiling face even when you’re not feeling all that well? Not so hard for me either. In fact, Stevie says that if I wanted, I could probably make a real career out of this. Imagine that! At my age! But no, I love my cafe and my customers too dearly to think of abandoning it for anything else.

Besides, there are still some things that I do struggle with when doing courier work. As a manager of a cafe, you’d think keeping track of who I delivered what to would be easy, but I suppose my old brain scatters much too easily, as I keep having to remind myself to make a record of every delivery. Aside from that, the van I’m using (which belongs to my brother) is actually a little temperamental, and we do sometimes need to have a little tussle – although to be honest, that has nothing to do with my ineptitude, it’s more of a mechanical fault.

Other than that, everyone has been treating me wonderfully – aside from my brother (Stevie’s father) all the workers are at least half my age, but they make this old lady feel like ‘one of the lads’ - and they never judge if I do something silly, which I very much appreciate!

Well, that’s it for today, dears – I am going to pop a film into my DVD and enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening. See you all later!

- Gertie