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When Are Courier Jobs Not Courier Jobs? Your Answers!

Posted by Gertie on 18-Jun-2013 11:16:00

Courier Bike And London Cab (c) 2005 DaveBleasdale used under a Creative Commons

Courier Bike and London Cab (c) 2005 DaveBleasdale used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Hello, my dears!

Well, did we show them or did we show them, eh? Believe me, we showed them  - I can't wait to show Bill the results of my little game. I got so many good responses! You lot were actually even more eager to participate than I had initially thought, so thanks for that – and thanks for making the majority of your answers so interesting, sensible, or laugh-out-loud funny!

For those who don't remember (or happened to just start reading this week, or skipped last week's post because it was 'just' a competition, or some other reason), I had a little game going with my readers. I asked them to answer the following riddle for me: when are courier jobs not courier jobs? (When they're, not really.) Fortunately, their answers were better than mine, and I gathered my favourite few to share in this post. Without further ado, the stage is yours, my dears!

“Courier jobs are not courier jobs when they're not getting done – and from the number of young people I see standing outside the courier office around the corner every day, that doesn't seem to happen all that often.” - Joe, Merseyside.

Oooh, stingy!

“Courier jobs stop being courier jobs when you've run all your errands for the day and you're just cycling home enjoying the sunshine, like I just did!" - Max, Tyne and Wear.

Oh dear, making me a little jealous there Max my love...

“I don't think courier jobs where you get to ride with your girlfriend and spend half the time goofing off really count, do they, Gertie?" - Jack, Wiltshire.

Shame on you, dear! Professionalism! (Clucks.)

“I'll tell you when courier jobs don't count – when you're a mother! 'Mummy, I forgot my sandwich, can you bring it to school?' 'Mum, I need money for the day!' Not to mention all the trips to deliver jackets and umbrellas they forgot...I should get paid for this, Gertie!" - Ann, Kent.


“When they're for free." - Matthew, Isle of Man.

Can't argue with that!

And on that slightly disgruntled note, we end what was a very fun blog post to put together. I hope you enjoyed coming up with your answers as much as I enjoyed reading them. We should definitely do this again sometime! Until then, ta-ra!