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You Could Do Worse Than a Self-Employed Courier Job

Posted by Gertie on 22-Jun-2013 11:27:00

355/365 - Character Building Micro-Figure: Miner (or Construction Worker) (c) 2011 by puuikibeach, used under a Creative Commons Attribution

355/365 - Character Building Micro-Figure: Miner (or Construction Worker) (c) 2011 by puuikibeach, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

Hello, my lovelies!

A peculiar thing happened today. I had a rather grumbly young man wander into my cafe, complaining about how the sun is out and he could be out on the town with his mates, but instead he had to deliver parcels and bike around and get sweaty. I suggested maybe he ought to get a self-employed courier job, and then he could make his own schedule, but to my surprise he just looked at me and sniffed. 'What's wrong?' I asked him, and he told me those types of jobs were even more 'sorry' (his word) than his own! I was shocked, but he didn't really feel like talking, so I just kept my peace until he left.

The whole thing got me thinking, though. As you know, my nephew, Stevie, started off as a courier, so I may have a bit of a soft spot for the field; but while it's maybe not the most glamorous job in the world, there is definitely worse, isn't there? As job after job popped into my head, I knew I had found my next blog post. And here it is: a list of occupations that are much, much worse than a self-employed courier job. Let that be a lesson to all those of you who have one and whinge about it!

-  Rubbish collector. I've nothing against people who have jobs like this; in fact I think they're much braver than I could ever be! Just imagine having to stick your hands in the stuff in other people's bins all day! Compared to that, a self-employed courier job sounds positively cushy, doesn't it?

-  Janitor/cleaning person. The principle is the same; you're cleaning other people's rubbish. And to make matters worse, you will probably rarely hear a word of thanks as you push your broom around all day for a pittance. On a self-employed courier job, all you do is go for a ride on your bike or drive your van. Think about it.

-  Cashier. You may take a little abuse from people on your self-employed courier job, but believe me, it's nothing next to what these poor dears have to go through every day – while standing on their feet and getting paid minimum wage, no less! Small wonder less and less people willingly go to work in a supermarket...

-  Construction worker. They may look very sexy with their tops off, but they have to dig holes and lug heavy loads around all day, in all sorts of weather. On a self-employed courier job, all you have to exercise are your feet on the pedals. Not so bad, is it?

-  Policeman. It may pay better, but it doesn't pay THAT much better. In addition, Bobbies put their lives on the line many, many times during the course of their work, which is more than you can say for a self-employed courier job.

There you go, my darlings. Forgive me for becoming so preachy, but I think you should count your blessings rather than complain about them!

See you next time!