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A Checklist for Passing Your Van MOT First Time

Posted by on 31-Jul-2018 11:32:56

According to the well-worn proverb, prevention is always better than a cure. And when it comes to the dreaded MOT, never were those words of wisdom so pertinent. A fail can mean huge problems if your vehicle has to come off the road for an extended period of time, but with a little bit of TLC, getting your MOT can be AOK.

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Cat’s Out of the Bag: Our Favourite Feline Delivery Stories

Posted by on 31-Jul-2018 09:27:59


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5 Safety Items Every Courier Driver Should Carry

Posted by on 30-Jul-2018 11:29:35


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Spotting Signs of Dehydration when Driving

Posted by on 26-Jul-2018 11:35:03

Dehydration? You? Never! If you feel thirsty while you’re out on a courier job you’ll just have a quick swig of the old Cola or H2O, right? Well, it might surprise you to know that by the time your mind (or your mouth) tells you it’s time to wet the whistle, your body could actually already be dangerously dehydrated without you even knowing.

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Which Green Suits Me Best? Part 4: Natural Gas/Biomethane

Posted by on 25-Jul-2018 10:43:09

Compliance. Low carbon. Green options. Alternative fuels. The jargon alone is enough to actually almost turn you green! But the truth is that, when it comes to making the change to an environmentally friendly van, just like your dinner, any greens are good. So let’s talk about natural gas/biomethane.

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Which Green Suits Me Best? Part 3: Biodiesel

Posted by on 25-Jul-2018 09:34:52

With biodiesel’s popularity on the rise, it’s time for those in the logistics industry to decide whether or not it’s a plausible alternative for them, or if they’re going to remain faithful to the fossil diesel that’s been their bread and butter all these years.

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Staying Calm on the Road

Posted by on 18-Jul-2018 11:11:41

In our world of never-ending stressors and constant day-to-day challenges staying calm behind the wheel does not seem like it should be a top priority. However if the highways, byways and inner-city roadways happen to be your workplace keeping your cool while on the job can be a matter of life or death to both you and the occupants of the vehicles all around you.

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The Next Clean Air Zone: Birmingham Makes Plans

Posted by on 17-Jul-2018 11:51:12

Birmingham is developing plans to introduce a Clean Air Zone by 2020. How will this affect courier work across the city? The Council wants to find out.

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Cleaner Fuel Alternatives for a Better Tomorrow

Posted by on 17-Jul-2018 10:43:23
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Our favourite feline delivery stories

Posted by on 16-Jul-2018 11:33:25
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