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Tales From The Frontline: The Generous Courier Network

Posted by Gertie on 19-Dec-2014 11:53:36
" Report It" by Alan Stanton is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

Hello, all!

Well, our reader-story-sharing month (which I have decided to rename 'Tales From The Frontline' – somewhat catchier, wouldn't you say?) continues apace. This week, I have had another good batch of 'tall tales' to choose from, but in the end I chose to publish Scott's. He lives in the East Midlands, and sent me a story about a time when a courier network not only helped him do better business, but also changed his life. Take it away, my dear.

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Courier Driver Tales: All Aboard!

Posted by Gertie on 11-Dec-2014 11:50:09

Hello, you lot!

Well – ask and you shall receive! Ever since announcing on the last post that this month would be dedicated to hearing first-person accounts of courier driver tales, anecdotes, and adventures, I've received more of them than I can shake a mouse at! I really don't know why Stevie didn't get that much participation from you people when he tried this a while back – were you all shy? You're certainly not shy with me!

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Courier Driver Tales Month Begins

Posted by Gertie on 03-Dec-2014 11:47:37

Hello, my dears!

You know, I was sitting around the other day wondering what to write this week when it suddenly occurred to me: with the amount of stories I hear at my cafe every day, why I had I not tried to do a fan interaction based on stories from the road?

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A Brief History Of Courier Service Providers

Posted by Gertie on 28-Nov-2014 11:30:43
Steam engines were important to the evolution of courier services.' Img283 ' by Sludge G is licensed by CC BY 4.0 

Hello, darlings!

Welcome to the second half of my two-part lesson on the history of courier service providers and networks! Yes, I'm still on my history kick, and I promised you all a second post about this subject, so here it is.

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The Courier Network Throughout Time

Posted by Gertie on 19-Nov-2014 11:45:48

Hello, my dears!

I don't know if I've told you yet, but as of late I've been on a bit of a history 'kick'. I've been finding myself seeking out articles and videos about different periods in history, and doing Google searches about random facts. And the other day, while messing about on the Internet, I had an idea – I decided to look up some things relating to the history of the courier business!

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Courier Driver Must-Haves – Readers' Answers

Posted by Gertie on 10-Nov-2014 11:35:07
A reflective vest is one of the must-haves for couriers, according to my readers. 'High Visibility Vest' by Mark Ellem is licensed by CC BY 4.0 

Hello, everyone!

Well, you've done it again. You reminded me of why I find myself running reader interactions so often (and why I like them so much) despite the fact that I have to read hundreds of emails. It's because almost every single one of those emails is worth reading! You lot are the best readership an old lady could ask for, and as long as I keep getting responses like I did this week, these little back-and-forth games will never end!

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Essential Tools For a Courier Driver

Posted by Gertie on 02-Nov-2014 11:30:27
'IMG_3645' by waterj2 is licensed by CC BY 4.0 

Hello, my dears!

I hope you had fun last time with Stevie at the helm of the blog. I'm sure you did, but now it's time for Aunt Gertie to make a triumphant comeback!

And what better way to do so than with our favourite activity – a good old reader interaction?

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Why I Chose Courier Jobs for a Living

Posted by Gertie on 25-Oct-2014 12:30:03
These used to be an endless source of fascination for me as a young boy. 'Chesterfield Market Place' ( by Paulio! ( is licensed by CC BY 4.0 (

Hi everyone!

So – you guys finally decided to start interacting with me, huh? Sure, it was only one letter so far, but we all have to start somewhere, and I'm now feeling a little bit more qualified to follow in Auntie Gertie's footsteps!

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A Day In The Life Of An independent Courier

Posted by Gertie on 11-Oct-2014 12:49:58
My vehicle looks a bit like this. 'Ford Courier 1996' ( by order_242 ( is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (

Hi everyone!

Right, let me start by saying I'm not much of a blogger. That's more my aunt Gertie's cuppa tea! I do help her out sometimes though, and when she told me she wanted to talk about what it was like to be an independent courier, I just had to take her up on her offer!

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Life Of A Courier Driver: An Introduction

Posted by Gertie on 04-Oct-2014 12:37:35
'Real Or Fake Package Delivery Van?' ( by Isaac Wedin ( is licensed by CC BY 4.0 (

Hello, my dears!

Well, it seems as though we have been blessed with a late spell of summertime weather – and I, for one, am not complaining! In keeping with the lighthearted, relaxed spirit the warm weather tends to bring, I thought we might do something a little different – but equally as fun – to see out the summer.

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